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Vacation Winners

So far TEN couples have won trips to Las Vegas! They are so thrilled that this is actually real and they are going on a trip and it's going to be a great time!

Las Vegas - 2 nights, 3 days, with 1 free airfare.

Come in today and enter to WIN today; we are pulling the winners every month and we will have their names and their comments about winning!


              Las Vegas Winners!!






I am so happy I won this trip to Las Vegas!! There is no other Tanning Shop giving away so much as Yucatan does and I am a very lucky winner! I would suggest that other people come down to Yucatan, buy a package, and you'll have a chance to win too; helpful staff, stellar beds and awesome tanning. Also, it has a very warm and cozy feel to it and it makes me feel so comfortable when I'm there, and there is lots of free parking too!


    Thank you Yucatan!! - Lori 


Amy & ArekMarch 2016 Winner - We are new to the neighborhood and Yucatan was the place we picked to do our pre-tanning before our vacation. What we didn't know was that Yucatan was offering a great deal with their tanning and an extra by giving away a Las Vegas trip; we've never heard of any other place ever doing this! We were so excited with anticipation that we could actually win. When we got the phone-call that we were the winners for March we just couldn't believe it, but it is true, we won!! Go get your package, put your name in the draw, and you could be the next winner too!

Thank you Yucatan.....we are going to have a great time!

Taylor - January 2016 Winner - It was great to win a trip to Vegas, what a BLAST it was! So much excitement and pretty over-whelming but it was certainly worth it. The staff at Yucatan have been excellent to me in many ways and I would surely say to go there for your tanning, or whatever service you are looking to do.

Thank you again!.....Taylor



Las Vegas Winners - Sheri, Sheena, Lynn, Taylor, Garth & Dawn, Mandy & Dieter, Sherri, Amy & Arek, Craig & Cathy, Lisa, Kris, Miguel.